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Athletic and Activities Participation Expectations

The promotion of character building and supplementation to education are the best reasons for extracurricular programs. To this end, Cologne Academy extracurriculars are an integral part of our educational program and are considered one dimension of the overall product.  Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege. Cologne Academy holds all participants accountable for meeting a standard of expectations.  All participants must meet expectations in academics, behavior, and attendance to participate.  The following is a brief overview of the academic and behavior expectations and procedures.  Please review the Athletics-Activities Program Handbook for details on all expectations.

Student Academic Expectations

Students need to maintain satisfactory or acceptable academic achievement in all classes. Satisfactory achievement is defined as:

  • Grades of a C or higher

  • Missing assignments overdue by more than one week will require an action plan initiated by the student with the course instructor.

Ineligibility Procedure for Academics

  • Mondays during Independent Study, students are informed of all missing assignments.

  • Students have until Monday morning by 8:30 a.m. to complete and turn in any missing assignment that is overdue by one week.

  • If a student does not have missing assignments overdue by one week completed, they will be put on probation for one week:

    • Probation: Student is not allowed to participate in any practice or game for the week probation is declared.

School Behavior Expectations

Students need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in all classes. Any student suspended from school or class may be ineligible to participate in an activity until the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Principal and/or Athletic/Activities Director. Disciplinary actions that may affect participating in a practice or game include:

  • Being sent out of class to the STAR room

  • Being asked to leave class the classroom due to disruptive behavior or conduct

  • Skipping a class

  • Others negative behaviors as outlined in the Family Handbook

Procedures for Disruptive Behaviors

  • Teacher will use a verbal redirection for the student.

  • If the student continues to exhibit disruptive behavior, the teacher will place a Stop and Think Form on their desk and discreetly request them to fill it out.

  • If neither of these redirections are successful, the student will be sent to the STAR Room for the remainder of the class period.

  • The following behaviors will result in an immediate STAR Room referral with no warnings:

    • Swearing

    • Sexual language/gestures

    • Physical aggression between students (i.e. punching, kicking, etc.)

    • Major threats (i.e. use of weapons, causing major harm, etc.)

Thank you for your support of our extracurricular programming!